What do I do if my child is turning away during meals?

occupational therapy pediatric feeding disorders wildflower therapy Jul 11, 2023

What does it mean if my child turns their head away during meals?

Children communicate readiness skills and desire to eat through body language.  It is up to us as the parents to interpret those readiness skills and this can be challenging! Mealtime with our child is an exchange of love and quality time and we desire to connect. At our clinic Wildflower Therapy, we work with your child and you to explore nutrition and develop skills of mealtime at his or her pace. 
What are some signs of refusal your child exhibits during mealtime? 

1. Turning their head away when food is presented. 

2. Looking up at the ceiling when food is presented.

3. Pushing the food away when presented with hands or utensils. 

4. Throwing the food off of the plate across the room or onto the floor. 

5. Gagging or vomiting after trying a food. 

6. Attempting to get out of the highchair or seat during meals. 

So what do we do as parents! Our children's goal is development and growth through nourishment of meals. Mealtime can quickly become a time of distress for you and your child due to the pressure. So what is the first step you can do with your child to foster the love for food and textures. We believe you play! Work with an occupational therapist or speech pathologist who understands the stages of feeding and oral development to support your child's development of these skills.

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