How can I work on my child's speech and language goals at home?

Jan 15, 2024

How can I work on my child's speech and language goals at home?

Parents frequently ask me where they can purchase or get flashcards to help their child practice their speech sounds or build vocabulary; however, there is a better way! 
Keep it natural! 
We all respond to activities that feel natural and involve our interests, this is true for kids especially. These activities are more meaningful to your child and therefore, will be a more effective way to practice.
What might this look like at home? Here are some examples:

For articulation:

  • Look for your sound while reading a book and practice saying it
  • In the car, say a practice word 5 x every time you hit a red light
  • Look for your sound in your homework, highlight it, and say it out loud
  • Go for a "sound walk" in your house or outside and look for items with your sound
For Language- Daily Routines are a remarkable way to encourage language! Household, personal, and play routines provide the best opportunities to learn basic concepts, vocabulary, and conversational skills.
  • Practice spatial concepts such as in, on, under when cleaning up/putting away. Sort by categories (colors, groceries, clothing, toys) or match/find items.
  • Practice following directions and concepts hot/cold and actions stir or roll while cooking
  • Mealtime is great! Practice "more" or "finished, naming foods and conversation ("Yum, this is good!)
  • Play time is the best! While playing with dolls, practice pretending feeding, clothing, sleeping, etc. and conversation.
When interacting with your child, talk in full sentences to create natural conversations. Everyone interacting with your child can provide language practice! Caregivers can talk during your child’s personal routines. Daycare staff might chat while playing with children. Friends can facilitate turn-taking during simple games. Grandparents can sing a favorite song. Siblings might do simple chores together.
At Wildflower, we want families to be excited and involved! As your child’s communication increases, their participation in conversations will grow. 
Never hesitate to ask your Speech Language Pathologist for more ideas!
Written by Jennifer Emery, MA, CCC/SLP  License #SA5108

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