Four Fun Ways to Grow Fine Motor Skills at Home

Aug 04, 2023

Four Fun Ways to Grow Fine Motor Skills at Home

If your child has difficulty with fine motor tasks, here are four fun ideas to target their fine motor control and strength with activities at home!

1. Paint an Abstract Picture

Use pompoms, cotton balls, or cotton swabs (preferably cut in half) to dip in

paint/shaving cream (with food coloring)/chalk paste. This activity targets developing a functional grasp and can work on messy sensory play as well!

2. Feed the Birds

String an ‘o’ shaped cereal onto a small rope, string or a pipe cleaner and hang outside a window to watch the birds eat! If your child likes to eat those cereals as a snack, they could also make themselves a “snack bracelet”. This activity works on holding small objects, shifting (moving an object forward with their fingers), and using two hands in a coordinated way!

3. Decorate with Stickers

Grab a sheet of stickers (dot stickers are a cheap choice) and pick a window! Have your child peel and stick the stickers all over. To make it extra challenging, use a dry erase marker and draw lines, shapes, or designs for them to follow. This activity targets a functional grasp and visual motor skills. 

4.  Use “Chompers”

Using clothespins, chip clips, or large tweezers are a great way to target a functional grasp and strengthen those finger muscles. Prompt your child to “use their chomper fingers” and demonstrate using your thumb, pointer and middle fingers to “chomp”. You can also place stickers on the clothespins to show where they put their fingers. The “chompers” can be used to sort different color pompoms, move cotton balls from cup to cup, or to hang paper on a string.

You and your child’s OT can discuss ways to incorporate fine motor work into your daily routine, ask about this at your child’s next session!

Written by Abigail Pichardo, MOT License #21520

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